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Rajam Sukku Coffee

Rajam Sukku Coffee

Rajam Products was established in the year 1989 at Salem by a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary Late Shri. Ramesh. For him, inspiration for Rajam products came from the tasty, aromatic & effective Chukku Kaappi prepared by his adorable grandmother.   The flavor of Rajam Products spread rapidly and very soon homes in and around Salem were waking up to the tastes and aroma of Rajam Products.

Health Benefits:

  • Dry ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties
  • During winter it will keep you warm throughout the day and will prevent you from cold and flu
  • Relieve gastrointestinal distress.
  • Effective in eliminating gas in the intestines as well as act to help in the relaxation of the tract.
  • Reducing gas, indigestion and cramps
  • May help absorb minerals from the intestines
  • Eliminating toxins and congestion from body and mind
  • Reducing heat or acid in the stomach
  • Decrease congestion
  • Calm digestive system and helps joint pain
  • Improving skin irritation or rashes
  • The Dry Ginger tea is a Home remedial multipurpose antidote that cures you and gives you relief from the above mentioned symptoms.
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