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Rajam Milk Mix

Rajam Milk Mix

Rajam Herbal Mik Mix Products was established in the year 1989 at Salem .A wide variety of herbel candies are offered by Rajam brands like Rajam  Masala Milk Mix, Rajam Rose Milk Mix , Rajam Badam Milk Mix, Rajam Ragi Malt Milk Mix.
Benefits of Badam Milk Mix
Almonds are highly nutritious drink and good flavoured drink. Cold Badam Milk is a great summer cooler but if you use warm milk to make it, it’s a great winter drink too!
Benefits of Badam Milk Mix
Ragi malt is a very healthy food for both kids and adults. It reduces the overheat and makes the body cool. This is a good solution for summer as well as healthy food.

Benefits of Cotton Seed Milk 
Cotton seed milk is a traditional drink for Tamilnadu, it is manufactured under traditional method. Cotton seed is soaking in water overnight and take milk from seed in morning mix with coconut & rice make boil and make it as instant powder by vaccum process. We blend herbs in this product for extra strength. Its very delicious drink.

Paruthi Paal contains cottonseed milk as a main ingredient which is a rich source of protein, good fat and fibres. The study also developed a process of cottonseed milk preparation. The developed ready-to-serve product “Paruthi Paal” can also serve as a protein supplement for the prevention of malnutrition. Cottonseed milk is indeed a novel product that can be commercialised in India. Apart from health supplement, Paruthi Paal has several other beneficial effects such as acting as an antioxidant, prevents from heart-related problems, prevents stomach ulcers and many more. While preparing Paruthi Paal, it should be ensured that glandless cottonseeds are used, as excessive presence of gossypol which is present glanded varieties of cotton may cause toxicity.

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