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Rajam Tea

Rajam Herbal Tea Products was established in the year 1989 at Salem .A wide variety of herbel candies are offered by Rajam brands like Rajam  Masala Tea, Rajam Ginger Tea, ,Rajam Lemon Tea,Rajam Green Tea.
Benefits of Ginger Tea
Some experts believe the active components in ginger — volatile oils and phenol compounds called gingerols — can help relieve nausea caused by pregnancy, chemotherapy, or surgery.

A 2012 studyTrusted Source from Columbia University involving 10 overweight men found that drinking hot ginger tea (in this case, ginger powder dissolved in hot water) increased their feelings of fullness and reduced hunger.

A review of the researchTrusted Source suggests that ginger may be effective in managing obesity. However, most of the experiments have been rat studies, which suggest that ginger may help prevent obesity and obesity-related complications.

Benefits of Lemon Tea

  • Detoxifies The Body. The citric acid content in lemons is remarkably high, aiding in purifying the liver
  • Boosts Digestive Function. 
  • Combats Infectious Ailments. 
  • Enhances Skin Wellness. 
  • Promotes Heart Health.
  • Treats Post-Operative Edemas. 
  • Remedies Inflamed Gums.
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